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Q:  What is the cost of a typical pool and what features are included?
A:  a typical pool is an entry level pool that includes: approximately 80' in perimeter, 400' of grey concrete with broom finish, white plaster, and Pentair equipment.  Starting cost is $30,250.

Q:  How long does it take to build a pool?
A:  approximately 4-6 weeks.  Time varies based on the complexity of the pool.

Q:  What is the payment process through your company?
A:  our customers are required to remit 5 payments after the various stages of construction have been completed.  The 5 progressive payments and associated costs are stated on the contract.

Q:  Do you offer financing?
A:  Yes.  Signature Pools has teamed up with the following banks to help make it easier for our potential customers to fulfill their dream of owning a pool.  Please click the links below for more information:
            BBVA Compass Bank
                Lightstream/SunTrust Bank
                Lyon Financial

Q:  What are the different modes for a color-changing LED pool/spa light?
A:  click on the link and see page 6.

Q:  Why did I receive a registered letter from Builders Concrete?
A:  It is California law that all suppliers and sub-contractors are to issue pre-lien notices to homeowners to ensure payment.  However, Signature Pools & Spas, Inc. pays its subs immediately which eliminates the need for such notices.  This is a national cement supplier, not sub-contractor, whose policy is to send out pre-lien notices to all homeowners after deck has been poured to ensure payment.  This is NOT a lien on your property.

Q:  Do I have any responsibilities during the construction of my pool?
A:  Yes.  Homeowners are required to do the following 3 critical jobs:
1)  The following day after gunite, water the gunite twice daily for 10 days  (application is similar to that of washing a car).
2)  If plaster is chosen, immediately brush the interior of the pool (once filled) twice daily for 7 days.
3)  Turn off water once water-line reaches mid tile.  Caution:  do not stop filling pool until required level is reached!

Q:  Do I qualify for the $100 PG& E rebate?  How do I take advantage of this offer?
A:  Yes, as long as a Pentair variable speed pump was installed during the construction of your pool, our company will mail you the application along with pertinent directions.