Verify no changes are needed once pool has been painted on the ground. After permits are pulled, USA North will come out to identify gas lines and water main. Dig typically begins at 7AM with the goal of finishing in one day. Please try to be home for the first 15 minutes on dig day and secure any pets as the fence will be down for 5-6 weeks.


Steel + Plumbing

Caution: keep kids and pets away from open trenches. Your safety is important to us. Should take one to two days with a city/county inspection to follow.



Today the pool takes shape and comes to life. The following day, homeowners are to water the gunite twice daily for the next 7 days. (same pressure as you would a car). Water may puddle but do not worry.



Grade dirt, set forms, and call for an inspection. Next day concrete is poured. Of utmost importance: do not walk on for three days.



Typically takes one to two days depending on the complexity of the job.



You have two choices for pool interior: plaster or pebble. If plastered, the pool will be filled immediately. However, if pebbled, acid wash will take place day two then fill with water. Shut off hose once water has reached mid-tile line. Turning off too soon may result in stains. Don't forget to brush the entire pool twice daily for the next 10 days.